Hi! We are Ženja and Anders. As many (hopefully, most) people in the world we […]

Your Guide to Trans-Mongolian Railway

Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways are some of the most loved train rides in the world. Learn how to buy tickets, choose routes and what to expect!

Local food to try in Russia | Bearly Here

Local Food to Try in Russia

Russia is a huge country and trying to find food can be overwhelmend, because the choice is great. Here is our overview of local food to try in Russia.

Small Towns of Victoria, Australia | Bearly Here

Small Towns of Victoria, Australia

Victoria has plenty of charming and quaint places. In this article we’d like to share with you travel bloggers’ favorite small towns of Victoria!

These 5 iconic places to visit in Copenhagen survived time and still attract people. These are places that every Dane and every visitor should know. #copenhagen #denmark #bearlyhere #scandinavia #visitcopenhagen

5 Iconic, Must-See Places to Visit in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, one of the most beloved cities in Scandinavia, has been attracting visitors since before […]

12 Apostles Great Ocean Road

Visit Victoria, Australia: 1 Week Itinerary from Melbourne

Most people go to Melbourne when they visit Victoria. But there’s so much more to Australia’s smallest mainland state. Find out how to explore Victoria!

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It’s a pleasure to have you with us as a part of our journey. This space was created as a place for us to write about out experiences, show pictures and to tell stories of people we have met on the road. Being forever inspired by our travels, we felt the need to share, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

There are many questions that follow us through life, but we are not attempting to answer the big ones. We start small, and we built this webpage having a simple navigation in mind, answering questions you might have for us:


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Hi! We are Ženja and Anders

Hi! We are Ženja and Anders

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