Hi! We are Ženja and Anders.

As many (hopefully, most) people in the world we love travelling. We also love our home countries (which are Estonia and Denmark, respectively), but in 2015 we left our lovely place in Copenhagen area and moved to Singapore. This move has extensively changed our lives, changed who we are and how we see travelling, people, cultures and, well, everything else..

We are not exactly digital nomads or professional bloggers, nor do we have instagram-worthy looks that we are going to show off in the next Rip Curl commercial. We do however love to travel, and most of all, we love stories of people we meet on the road. One day we hope to share these stories with you, but for now we’d like to tell you (and sometimes show you) what we saw and what we learned on the road, how we are trying to stay healthy and not get broke and why we are okay with unglamorous hostels as well as a luxury hotel.

Currently we’re on our travel journey for half a year, so there might be delay, but we’ll try to update this website on the go. Feel free to contact us, share, comment, like, ask and follow – hope we’ll meet one day.

Write us at contact@bearlyhere.com or connect with us on social media!

I’ve always been a mix of things: I am an Estonian with a Russian ethnic background, who lives with her Danish partner in Singapore. I was an alien (more about this later) until the age of 20, and despite having strong ties with my home country, I left. I didn’t plan on leaving, it just turned out this way. I met Anders when I was the most happy and content with what I was doing, thinking I know who and where I want to be, but my life have completely turned around since. Like many others I’ve always felt cosmopolitan yet patriotic and one does not exclude the other.

I like travelling; I like meeting people and listening to them. Sometimes I listen because I am learning, other times because stories are too good not to. But sometimes I just listen because I know how much people enjoy telling.  I like good food, clouds, animals, music, chocolate, flip flops and tea. I like languages, but I also like silence. I like insane views and unfamiliar sounds; organized lists and artistic mess. Taking 6 months off to travel means the world to me (oops). There is so much to explore and it’s never enough – how can someone ever say: “no, thanks, I’ve seen enough, no more travel”?

I have always traveled with my family since I was a kid, mainly to Eastern Europe. Since I was in my teens I wanted to go with Interrail around Europe to see all the countries that I didn’t get the chance to see, as we mainly traveled east. Unfortunately I never got to leave, there was always an excuse: I couldn’t find anyone to join me, I didn’t have the money, I had to work, study.. the list goes on.

When I met Zenja, I didn’t have any more excuses, we needed to go and now! Unfortunately the time had run out and we were too old to use the Interrail ticket. A couple of years later, after some inspiration from Tim Ferriss’ “4 hour work week” and a wonderful trip to Japan that reignited some serious wanderlust, we finally took the step to get going!